Join the adventure!

The Vision

Windswept Horizons (WiSH) was founded as a passion project in pursuit to do something unique in the RedM world. We wanted to present an alt-history approach with a story mode component. 

Our WiSH community is comprised of unparalleled talent, creativity and role players. 

Massive applause for our outstanding Dev Team! With a total of 35+ years IT experience under their collective belts, they are well-equipped to handle any tech challenge that comes their way.

For more, read The Founder's Story!

About Our RedM Server

➵ An alt-history approach!

Whitelisted, invite-only access

➵ Whitelisted Roles (Rangers, Outlaws, Doctor, Mute)

➵ VORP framework

➵ Solid Economy

➵ Customized scripts

➵ Custom builds, including our premier Dakota Village

➵ 18+ members/characters

RP Consultants

➵ RP Mentorship Program

➵ Historical Research

➵ Native Indian RP 

➵ Ranger RP

➵ Outlaw RP

About Our Discord Community

➵ Whitelisted Discord, by invite only

➵ Creative Team

➵ Dev Team with 35+ years IT experience

➵ Technical Support

Bug Hunters

Discord Community: Link TBA