Join the adventure!

The Vision

Windswept Horizons (WiSH) was founded as a passion project in pursuit to do something unique in the RedM world. We wanted to present a lore-driven hybrid of Story Mode combined with RDO! 

Our WiSH community is comprised of unparalleled talented and creative players. Whether you are new to RP or been around The Prairie for a while, rest assured, there is no pressure to perform here. We are "RP optional" providing options to player based on the type of gameplay they want to enjoy.

Massive applause for our outstanding Dev Team! With a total of 90+ years IT experience under their collective belts, they are well-equipped to handle any tech challenge that comes their way. 

For more, read The Founder's Story!

The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule sets Windswept Horizons apart from other RedM servers in order to ensure the dignity of each player, the safety of our entire community and the vision of WiSH.

About Our RedM Server

➵ Our unique Golden Rule.

➵ A lore-driven hybrid of Story Mode combined with RDO!

Whitelisted access to our private RedM server.

➵ WL Roles (Doctor, Mute).

Immersive metabolic, sleep and medical systems

➵ Player-driven economy.

Dogs, cats, exotic pets and Interactive horses.

➵ Over 200 animations, dances, and emotes!

51 custom key binds that players can create & save!

➵ Optimized for controllers as well as keyboard.

➵ 21st century tools to enjoy the 19th century world!

Comprehensive Native RP, including our premiere Dakota Village, as well other ceremonial content.

About Our Discord Community

Whitelisted access to our private Discord.

➵ 18+ members/characters.

LGBTQIA+ friendly.

➵ Dev Team with 25+ years IT experience.

➵ Creative Team & Game Masters.

➵ Comprehensive Technical Support.

Bug Hunters & Code Wranglers.

➵ RP Mentorship Program.

➵ 21st century tools to enjoy the 19th century world!