Restarting Your PC 201

FAQ's about Restarting PC's

For a quick overview, check out Restarting Your PC 101

Question: How often should restart my PC?

Answer: Since gaming on a PC is quite resource intensive, it’s recommended to restart on a daily basis. For the office/home PC user, a weekly restart may sufficient to apply updates. As in all things tech-related, YMMV.

Question: Is turning off (Shut Down) my PC and then powering it back on the same as restarting it?

Short answer: No.

Longer answer with reasons: No. Read below for information about differences between Shut Down and Restart:

➵ Shut Down: Closes all programs and files that are open, but doesn't shut down the Windows kernel (core of the operating system). The kernel enables the software and the hardware to work together.

➵ Restart: Shuts down all of the computer's processes, including any open programs, open files and the operating system kernel. Restarting takes longer because of this very important process.

➵ While Shut Down might seem more convenient because it is quicker, if there is something amiss with a hardware driver or system file, the Shut Down process does not resolve it nor bring the PC to a good working baseline.

Question: How do I restart my PC? Can I simply tap the power button on my PC tower?

Answer: Best practice to restart your PC is to Click on the START MENU (or Windows key). Select the POWER BUTTON. Select the RESTART option.

Unless your PC is frozen/non-responsive, it is highly recommended not to power off your PC using the power button! This is because immediate power loss (or surges) may cause damage to sensitive PC components.