Clothes Clipping

How to Resolve Clothing Clipping Issues

If clothing clips a lot, choose a different item. Some combinations of items work better than others. Also some item combinations may work better on different body sizes.

➵ If clipping occurs, do T /rc

➵ If that doesn't resolve, remove each article of clothing using T /coat, etc (see below for more commands). Then put on each article in the order as you would IRL. This typically will resolve clipping issue.

Clothing Commands to Remove/Add:

Use [T} then:

/coat - coat that is open








/sleeves - rolls sleeves up/down (this might not work on all shirts)

/sleeves2 - rolls up sleeves and opens shirt collar. Note: If wearing a coat, just opens the collar (this might not work on all shirts)

/ccoat - coat that is closed does not work