Tune-up Tuesday!

Question: What is "Tune-Up Tuesday?

"Tune-Up Tuesday" was created as a way of releasing new content into our RedM server. Similar to Rockstar's "Drip Feed Tuesday", it gives folks something to look forward to! It might be a small addition, like games such as dice, coin toss and rock, paper scissors or it might be a large update, like the new immersive Horses, or it might be a new custom built location like Cookie's Chuckwagon or the Blackwater Lighthouse. 

Keep your eyes on the #Server-Roadmap for things currently in development and/or testing! In addition to Tune-Up Tuesdays being posted in the #announcements, this page will provide quick links and a summary for all Tune-Up Tuesdays.

Since WiSH is a "lore-driven" server, talented Game Masters behind the scenes take pride in writing, creating and implementing content for folks to do, to discover and to incorporate into their character development. Certainly, folks can simply log into our server and enjoy the beautiful world and our custom content. However, it is our hope that your imagination will be ignited and allow your character to carry you toward horizons of new adventures!

We recognize that a lore-driven server is not for everyone. Hopefully, as you spend time on our RedM server, you will be inspired to tell your PC gamer friends about WiSH and to invite them along on the journey! 

Tune-up Tuesday!