The Reboot

Have you been playing RDO for a while and become frustrated with the lack of content, inability to do things such as wanting to own a house or take your camp dog along with you on a trail ride? 

Look no further! 

If you own a gaming PC, we warmly invite you to join Windswept Horizons (WiSH) RedM community! WiSH is a private, fully moderated, invite-only RedM server. 

What's that you say? What is RedM?
I'm so glad you asked! 

The RedM is a community of independent developers such as myself. Using in-game data from Rockstar, we are able to modify the RDR2/RDO world for our purposes to create custom content. If you can imagine it, it can be created in a RedM server! RedM offers endless possibilities for things to do in the gorgeous world or RDR2/RDO: From owning a house to doing cattle drives and train heists, from being a horse trainer, to being a farrier, a vet, a doctor or even a gunsmith…RedM has it all!!

I invite you to discover new adventures by joining my Windswept Horizons (WiSH) community. WiSH is returning from a hiatus with The Reboot launched on Sept 2. our WiSH Discord community is springing up with activity as folks return from corners of the globe to dust off their hats, brush their horses and get ready to saddle up!

Here's to Windswept Horizons, to the people, to their stories, and to our adventures!

See you out on The Prairie,
~ Coyote

The Reboot: Reference Guide