The Lore

The year is 1899.

A five-year plague has decimated the region's populace. Farms are overgrown and abandoned, plows rusting in the fields. Homes stand empty. Nature fights to take the land back. Predators roam unchecked.

Government officials have withdrawn from the region. Food is a valuable commodity, money all but worthless. Crime is rampant; the only law are Rangers appointed by the Department of Interior. Although they are little more than vigilantes, they are starting to restore order.

There are hopeful signs. People are trickling back, seeking a new start, reclaiming abandoned homes, working the farms, hunting across the state. 

From the ashes of the plague comes new life. The indomitable, adventuresome human spirit is returning to the land, and you along with it. Ahead of you, nothing but possibilities. You step off the boat and into Blackwater, hoping you are ready for whatever The Open Range has in store.

It's a new day. A new start.

What have you brought?

What can you build?