Press Release

Join Windswept Horizons (WiSH) in the adventure and see what makes our lore-driven approach so special! 

WiSH is a RP optional server. This means that if you're new to RP, there is no pressure to "perform". As a RP veteran, if you just want to hang out with friends, you can do that too. While we encourage folks to RP, we don't require it. If you're new to RP and/or new to RedM, Windswept Horizons is the server for you! 

Our unique "Golden Rule" means you have the right to break character, for any reason, without explanation or consequence if feeling undue stress or mental/emotional discomfort, feeling unsafe/uneasy/freaked out by an active RP scene or even the weather. “The Golden Rule” ensures the safety and dignity of the players, community and server.

There are plenty of immersive gameplay opportunities to accommodate all play styles, ranging from AI interactions to RP interactions, as well as community events! We proudly offer a stable server on which you'll enjoy personalized content, custom builds, including our new Dusty Mesa Equine Center, our premier Dakota Village and our unique "Hotel California"!

Our lore-driven approach combined with AI gameplay, creates a hybrid of Story Mode with RDO. What does this mean for you? It means an immersive PvE "cycle of life" approach to gameplay. There is a survival component with learning there are consequences for not caring for your character. And our gamified feature allows you to discover and unlock special rewards and content.

We supply the just need to bring your imagination and sense of adventure!