Dakota Village

Ever since I started playing RDR2 in February 2019, I have dreamed of visiting a Native Village along the Dakota River. When I started playing RDOnline in September 2019, I saw so much untapped potential the Rockstar seemed not willing or able to provide content. Fast forward to Summer 2020, a passing conversation with a friend as we rode along the Great Plains sparked a seed of an idea that led me in January 2022 to build my own RedM server and to start creating my own custom content. 

This is but one of many custom builds on our server. I'm so very proud of the hard work and dedication by our entire WiSH community. As ever, here's to Windswept Horizons, to the people, to their stories, and to our adventures! 

This Native Village is in dedication to all my relations. May you continue to lead me home. I lift tobacco to Great Spirit and give thanks. 

Purchase the YMAP here to add to your own server.


➵ Recorded on Windswept Horizons RedM server: private moderated RedM server in which you are free to enjoy our lore-driven, alt-history content within the gorgeous 1899 world of RDR2.

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