Hotel California

Hotel California

Our server has a semi-survival component with consequences for actions. This lends greater immersion by encouraging us to care for our character.

The cost for the health restoration/respawning is to bring greater awareness that there are consequences for decisions and actions, showing the fragility of life and how we should care for our characters. 

As I developed the medical system I had the option to invoke dropping all weapons or items or money. I wanted a way to make the AI doctor cost a set amount. Hotel California also does exactly that, but at a higher cost. 

The Lore of Hotel California:

A local (NPC) found you passed out on the street. Since the local doesn't know if you are sick from The Plague that just ravaged The Open Range, the local brought you to Cuarentena Medica (Medical Quarantine) in Mexico. At Cuarentena Medica, Dr. Rosa evaluates your wounds, heals you and approves you for travel once again. 

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