Horse & Wagon Ownership Guide

The long awaited immersive horses & wagons arrived at
midnight ET on Sept 26th for Tune-Up Tuesday! 


Horse Menus

Horse Accessibility

Horse Training


Native RP


The immersive horses are AMAZING and hope you enjoy them as much as I've enjoyed bringing them to our community!
If there is anything else you want in this Horse Ownership Guide, please #contact-us.

Lastly, in addition to this reference guide to assist with your horse & wagon ownership, here is SireVLC (the creator of this beautiful script), showcasing his craftmanship! NOTE: some features or things you see in his videos may not be available on our server due to coding differences.

We look forward to seeing pictures of your new horses and to hearing about your new RP adventures!

If you like this script, please consider making a  donation to the Windswept Horizons project to help fund this and other scripts on our  server. Thank you in advance for your support!

~ Coyote